Retrax® Retraction Cord


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Non-medicated retraction cord.

100 inches: 254 cm per bottle.

Product Description

·  100% Cotton Cord
·  Soft & pliable
·  Memory free for precise placement and retention in the sulcus
·  Easy placement and packing
·  May be soaked in hemostatic of choice
·  May be used will all impression materials
·  Unique packaging prevents cord tangles and cord will not fall back into bottle
Used in conjunction with Pascal’s Gel Cord®, Gel Cord® Clear  ,Stat Gel® or Retrax Solution® greater hemostatic effect can be achieved.
Twisted Retraction Cord
100 inches (245cm) per bottle
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Retrax – Size 7/00 07-897
Retrax – Size 8/0 07-900
Retrax – Size 9/1 07-910
Retrax – Size 10/2 07-920
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