SilTrax® Plus Retraction Cord


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Combination vasoconstrictor and astringent action in one cord. Impregnated with a solution containing both epinephrine hydrochloride and zinc phenolsulfonate, then dried by a special process. Assures optimal retraction. Epinephrine strength is 55%-70% less than SilTrax® EPI. [72 inches (183cm) per bottle]. Pascal’s unique NTS technology helps ensure consistent amounts of medicament throughout the entire length of the retraction cord. Consistent medication can help lead to consistent results.

Product Description

·  100% Cotton Cord
·  Combination vasoconstrictor and astringent
·  Impregnated with a solution containing both racemic epinephrine hydrochloride and zinc phenolsulfonate
·  Special drying process assures consistent medicament content
·  Assures optimal retraction
·  Epinephrine strength is 35-50% lower than SilTrax® EPI
·  Memory free for precise placement and retention in the sulcus
·  Easy placement and packing
·  Unique packaging prevents cord tangles and cord will not fall back into bottle
Braided Retraction Cord
72 inches (183cm) per bottle
  Avg. mg Racemic
Epinephrine/ inch
  Avg. mg Zinc
Phenolsulfonate/ inch
  Order No.
SilTrax Plus – Size 7/00   0.17 mg   0.30 mg   07-297
SilTrax Plus – Size 8/0   0.23 mg   0.40 mg   07-300
SilTrax Plus – Size 9/1   0.30 mg   0.70 mg   07-310
SilTrax Plus – Size 10/2   0.35 mg   1.45 mg   07-320
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